Book EditingLast week, I received the last edits for Anna. They were completed using Createspace’s basic copyediting services. If you’ve been following along, you know this is the second round of editing. The first was a comprehensive edit that looked at how the whole story went together, including inconsistencies and basic grammar. That was done with a completely different editor than this round of editing.

I chose to do a second round of editing, because I expected the comprehensive edit to reveal some major inconsistencies and flaws that I would have to fix and I was afraid I would introduce more grammar mistakes along the way. I wanted the manuscript to be as polished as possible.

I was surprised when  the first edited manuscript came back and there weren’t many major flaws in the story. It made me question doing the second round of editing, but I intended to see it through. So, I waited another month to see what would come of it.

Basic copyediting was advertised on Createspace as basic proofreading of punctuation, grammar, spelling, and typos. So, I was surprised to see that the editor took it one step further and pointed out some inconsistencies that the first editor didn’t. She really paid attention to the details as she was editing and found some time errors that occurred when I changed my mind about the setting part way through the story. I was given the option to use my original editor for this second round, but I’m questioning if she would have noticed those flaws in my story.

However, there was one downside of using two editors. I noticed that this editor was making changes to the corrections the last editor already made. They were both using the Chicago Manual of Style, but they seemed to disagree on how that was interpreted. This made choosing which changes to accept difficult, so I took longer reviewing the manuscript.

Today, I finished accepting all the edits and made a few extra changes to the manuscript, and submitted it to Createspace for formatting. That means I will soon be receiving a final proof!

Of course, I am now having separation anxiety, wondering if there is anything I missed to correct or any more inconsistencies overlooked. Luckily, I’m at the end of my pregnancy, so I’m also waiting anxiously for our little one to arrive. It could be any day now and I’m thankful I could get the edits done before the big event.

I suspect my next Kickstarter update will be when I receive the proof.

Until then…