I’m proud to announce that two weeks ago I received the physical proof of Anna: The Starseed Series. Looks pretty snazzy, huh?

The Print Proof for 'Anna: A Starseed Series'

The Print Proof for ‘Anna’

I’m even prouder to announce that the proof’s publishing date is the same as my new baby girl’s birthdate. Liliana and Anna were both “born” on the same day.

Here’s Lili in her Eeyore hat.

Liliana Eeyore Eyes

That’s why it’s taken me so long to update you. I’ve been busy with new mom duties and helping Lili adjust. I’m running on about three hours sleep, so this update will be short.

Now that I have the proof, all I have to do next is review it and make sure everything is correct (I currently have a second set of eyes working on this). Then, Createspace will move on to making it available for sale!

So, keep an eye out for an announcement about that.


Meghan Riley