I work for a team of Realtors at a very successful real estate company. Women in my office collect shoes and often discuss them. I basically only have 4 pairs I wear: 1 black pair, 1 brown pair, 1 set of sandals, and a pair of tennis shoes. None of those are high heels. At the last real estate company that I worked for, the girls made fun of me, because I asked who Chloe was when I overheard them talking about handbags. Apparently, it’s bag brand. I choose purses according to how many pockets they have. My current one has so many pockets, I didn’t discover one until 6 months after I bought it!

Or in this case, no sport coat...Cliff Blezinski Epic Games

Or in this case, no sport coat…Cliff Blezinski Epic Games

I think it’s safe to say, I’m not a fashionista, but the clothes are a reflection of the world I work in. I’m not saying people are stuck up or ill-focused: we all have our “thing”. When you grow up in a place where jeans are an acceptable work wear, and people collect Columbia Jackets and Sorel Boots, rather than purses, it’s hard to take that out of you. My tastes have always been very practical. I’m more likely to buy a plain shirt if I can wear it ten different ways than something flashy.

I have to admit that I do have a symbolic goal that has to do with clothes. Have you ever watched the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)? It’s not uncommon to see a  video game designer step onto stage wearing their favorite t-shirt, jeans, and sport coat…because no one cares what they wear as long as they make a GOOD game. I adore that.

Or have you ever noticed that Stephen King has a tendency to show up to functions in a black t-shirt and jeans? Why? Because he’s STEPHEN KING. He doesn’t need to dress up to impress anyone!

That is my goal. I want to be so respected for whatever I do that I can wear whatever I want to a promotional event and no one will care. That’s when I’ll know I’m successful.