It’s amazing to think that my little girl is now over 200 days old. I keep track of this on my phone. It’s like a “Thank God!” moment every day when I see it.

Baby FeetSomehow, it’s gotten both easier and harder as the days go by. She’s more interested in the world around her, and can interact with it more now that she’s rolling and able to sit up with help. It’s made it easier to keep her happy compared to 3 months ago. But it feels like she’s constantly teething. We got a small break after the first set of bottom teeth came in on January 1st, but the top teeth are not coming in and it makes putting her down at night really difficult. In the past two weeks, she’s been waking more frequently and not napping long, so I’m hoping they’ll cut soon.

Because our little one is on the move more, we’ve started baby proofing the house. A few weeks ago, she discovered the video game controllers, so we decided the first thing we needed to do was upgrade our entertainment center. Our old one was just a wide shelf, so everything was within reach. Our new one is about two feet taller with cabinets that are pretty hard to open, so I think it will prevent her from getting into anything for a while. We also managed to get it for 50% off at Ashley Furniture.

Despite taking an active role in my niece and nephew’s lives as they were growing up, I still had this misconception that babies just ate milk their entire first year, but my little girl is eating pureed veggies and fruits in oatmeal cereal. She tried jarred meat, but hated it. The episode resulted in a series of shudders I had never seen her make before and a look shot at me like I was trying to kill her. She just started eating rice puffs this week. She wasn’t sure about the textures at first, but has quickly grown fond of them. She has a hard time picking them up to feed herself, but she’s getting better and our dog is loving all the ones she drops on the floor. Practice makes perfect!

I’m not one of those moms who thinks that television is going to ruin my baby by making them overweight and confused about reality. I believe that commons sense and good guidance makes a difference. Encouraging outdoor activity and imagination helps counteract television time. So, when I’m trying to work, do the dishes, and get her food prepared, I let her watch Disney Jr., My Little Ponies, and Pound Puppies. Most of the time, she’s just playing in her jumperoo and listening to the songs. Funny enough, after she goes down for her nap, Mr. Awesome and I will sit and finish watching her show, especially My Little Ponies and Pound Puppies, which can have some pretty funny jokes. I think it’s interesting that I watched the originals when I was a kid and now she’s enjoying them.

Today, Mr. Awesome and I took her to a nearby shopping complex. It was our first time taking her out anywhere other than the doctor’s office, because she was behind on vaccinations and just made them up last week. We wanted her to have the best defenses possible before we exposed her to a large group of people.

While we were checking out at a store, a little old lady came up to us and started telling us how cute she was. My little girl stared hard at her, because it was the first time she’d seen someone as old as her. It was an example of how she’s starting to recognize how people can be different. She had a similar experience with a woman of a different race at the doctor’s office earlier this week. I love seeing her make discoveries like this and it’s helped me to rediscover ways of looking at things, like if I was a child again. It’s helped me to be more creative in developing the story I’m writing.

I think Mr. Awesome would agree with me, having a child enriches your life in ways you can’t imagine until you experience them.