What’s more important to a writer than words?

Baby MouthMy daughter is now 31 weeks old. Last week, she started saying, “Mama”. Of course, I was a bit hesitant to believe it wasn’t just a coincidence, an attempt to develop her use of consonants and vowels. Then, I noticed she was saying it to get my attention when I was across the room. I’m pretty sure every parent hopes their child’s first word will be their name. I didn’t get to see her first time rolling over, so I was super happy to be her first word.

Then, two days ago, I was playing with her on the floor. I got up to grab something and she started to waving her arms around. She wanted me to pick her up, but I couldn’t. So, she started making an unhappy low, guttural growl and out of nowhere came, “Dada!”

The whole next day and since, she has been saying, “Dada.” Her father has been thrilled, and I’m happy for him too, but she hasn’t said “Mama” to me again…and I’m really missing it. The best words come out of the mouth of your child.