Bad Slideshow Example

Bad Slideshow Example

I really need to point out something that has been driving me nuts for the past year. I’m online a LOT. It’s part of my job. I’m constantly looking for helpful and interesting blog posts to share with readers. List blogs (“Top 12 Ways to Reuse a Hair Dryer”, “Top 3 Reasons You Should Never Call a Woman ‘Bea’”, “8 Places to Visit in Tatooine”, etc.) are popular, because they are easy to read and quick to write. However, some blogging sites are abusing the format.

They’re shrinking each item on their list to a small slide. Many are including one picture and 2 or 3 sentences. So, there’s this tiny bit of content to view and click through, which, of course, is good for them, because each click is view. When it’s a DIY list, something that should include some information on how a project was completed, 2 or 3 sentences is not enough. Sometimes I find myself clicking around thinking, “There must be more. Otherwise, what’s the point?”

But what makes it even worse is that the rest of the page is littered with ads. Sometimes, when these pages load up, you can’t instantly tell where to click to make the slides move and you end up accidentally clicking on an ad made to look like the content you want. So frustrating! I know bloggers make a good chunk of their money off ads, but this is link baiting.

What happens when I come to a blog post like this? I may click through the first two slides, but then I leave. Navigation is SO IMPORTANT for a successful blog. Don’t make it so hard on your readers that they don’t want to stay on your site. If they leave, you’re definitely not making any money off advertising.

I also don’t share the post (and I’m sure I’m not the only one). I want to help the readers on my social sites. I don’t want to torture them with a difficult-to-use page that may, from the shady look of the ads, infect their computer with malware. It makes me look like an idiot for making such a recommendation.

If you’re a blogger and need some tips on getting the most out of the design of your blog and onscreen ads, check out The Sits Girls. Between their website, Facebook page, and Facebook group, there is a lot of info. Their forum was recently relaunched on another platform, so there isn’t as much to search, but plenty of users to answer your questions if you post.

Good Luck!