Anyone who has ever crafted or worn a sparkly costume knows there is nothing more frustratingly impossible than trying to get rid of glitter. You find it in your hair, on your clothes, in your carpet…It sticks around for MONTHS!

And now, you can impose that same torture on your worse enemy.

Ship Your Enemies Glitter Screenshot

Ship Your Enemies Glitter Screenshot

For about $8 US, an Australian company claims they will ship an envelope full of glitter to your chosen enemy. Within that same envelope, they will include a letter telling your enemy just how awful they are. It will even be mixed in, so the person is forced to dispense glitter to know why they’ve just received a strange envelope filled with glitter.

Evil. Pure evil.

Are you questioning their evilness? Make sure you check out their FAQ. It’s like it was written by Leslie Chow, without the accent.

Someone is making a butt load of money filling up envelopes of glitter in their parent’s garage…I’m suddenly feeling ashamed. Very ashamed.


Since it’s launch, the 22 year-old owner has decided Ship Your Enemies Glitter is too much of a burden. He claims the website had over $20,000 in sales and 2.5 million visits in 4 days. He’s now selling it on Flippa in an auction. The bids are already at $70,800 at the time of this update. There are 23 hours left. Here’s the website if you want to see how much it sells for.