Book 2 CompleteQuintina, book 2 in The Starseed Series, is done!

Okay, not completely done. It’s in the beta reader stage now. That means I’m getting feedback on the story to see if it’s coming across as I want it to. Then, I’ll make some changes depending on the beta feedback. Once I’m done, it will go to an editor. But first, I’ll be doing a Kickstarter campaign to pay for publishing.

The Kickstarter campaign will be just like the one I did for Anna, except it will be smaller. I’ve learned a lot in the past two years, including how to do certain things on my own. I’ve narrowed down my choices for the cover, which I’ll be making myself this time around. I’ve also learned that certain services just aren’t worth the money. So, I’ve cut a good amount, but editing remains a large chunk of the costs.

But I’m happy to say that I’ve gotten this phase of Anna’s story out of me. My schedule for many months has been strict. Working full-time and having a toddler takes up many hours of my day. Writing definitely cut into sleep. I can now get caught up and rejuvenated before I start the professional editing stages.

So, keep an eye out for an announcement about the start of the Kickstarter campaign, which will include pre-orders of the Quintina.