eClincherIn June, I was invited to try out the eClincher Social Media Manager. I do a LOT of social media marketing for myself and others, mainly in the real estate industry, and anything that makes my life easier is welcomed. However, eClincher wasn’t quite what I needed, so I didn’t switch from Edgar.

One of my biggest complaints when I first tried eClincher was that there wasn’t a bulk import feature. I also wasn’t overly excited about their scheduler. I have a lot of evergreen pages I like to repost and their scheduler meant I would have to spend time rescheduling posts after a certain period and that would be a lot of work for me with about 400 status updates in the system. I wanted something that would allow me to schedule and post without an expiration date.

After my original review of eClincher Social Media Manager, the developers added a new import feature and auto post scheduler, and they asked me to take another look at their service. I’ve been using it for about a month and have gotten a pretty grasp on how the system works now. There were some bugs, but the support department helped resolve those issues and it’s been working great since.

eClincher Publisher

eClincher Publisher

The auto post scheduler is structured around queues. You group updates in these queues and then schedule that queue on a master schedule. This is similar to how Edgar works. You can also set each queue to run forever or select an end date, this can be handy if your posts are related to a season or event.

To bulk import posts, you type all of them into a .CVS file and upload that file. If you want them grouped in a queue, you need to include a column with the queue name(s). eClincher checks included links for pictures and gives you the option to include them. If there isn’t a picture, you can add one. This scraper didn’t work too well for me, but I took it as an opportunity to update my pictures with more branding.

The auto post feature is not included in the Individual eClincher plan. You have to pay for the Basic plan, which is $30/month. With this plan, you’re allowed 15 profiles and 10 queues. Now, this is my biggest gripe. I really think they should give you 15 queues, 1 for each profile, or removed the requirement that each queue needs to be assigned to one social network. I had to cut out some posts, because I didn’t have enough queues. Their argument

eClincher Bulk Import

eClincher Bulk Import

is that it’s to make sure each post is formatted correctly for the intended target, but, honestly, Facebook posts would work fine for Google Plus, and vice versa. 15 queues would allow at least 1 schedule for each profile. That seems fair.

**An Update for my Update: They have now raised the queues to 15. I have to say it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a company so responsive to user feedback. This is really nice to see and only infuses confidence in their abilities. Thanks, eClincher!

Despite this downfall, I’ve decided to switch to eClincher. It does what I need it too, includes the spiffy inbox feature, AND is $20 less per month than Edgar. That’s a win for my pocketbook!

I’m excited to see how eClincher continues to develop, because I have a feeling they have even more features hiding up their sleeve.