Hook Up by Harvey Jones

Hook Up by Harvey Jones

Today, I’m interviewing my first author duo, Harvey Jones (actually Jan Harvey and Sian Jones). They are here to tell us about their erotic book, Hook Up.

Harvey Jones, what makes Hook Up unique compared to other erotic books?

Hook Up is an adult erotic, we are trying to promote acceptance for all genders without prejudice. The main characters are Macy and Tobias who venture on a life changing journey of self-discovery.

Did you have the book planned out before you wrote it? Did anything unexpected happen while writing it?

It came out of the blue. I kinda zoned out wrote pages and emailed them to Sian, and before we realized it had all come together. It was surreal as if we were being given the story from a higher power. The characters just seemed to form in front of us and Macy became part of myself. I could relate to how she would feel in similar circumstances, and I learnt more about myself in the process.

Did you find anything challenging about writing your book?

Yes, the language normally used in erotic I wanted to be different. We tried to paint a picture in the readers mind without being to vulgar, as our minds can imagine more details than we sometimes need to give. Research was really our own lives and people around us. We see so much hate against some relationships that are needless, as we all have a right to love, no matter who or what gender we are.

Do you have a specific writing style or process that you prefer?

Yes, flirty, light, and straight to the point. We are just learning our style as we go.

Who designed your cover?

We did with my son’s help (Carl Harvey). I told him what we wanted, and he took photos so we could see how it looked, and it all fell into place from there.

Are you working on anything else?

The sequel, Legacies, which is due out at the end of November. It completes the story of Macy and Tobias, and brings in new characters. We also go a bit deeper with gender relationships too.

What book are you reading now?

I just read Today Tomorrow Forever 1+2 great books by Kelly Duggan and Ferts by Grace Hudson, and they both left a great impression on me. Very different books from each author.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with my readers?

Sian and myself, Jan, would just like to say a massive thanks to all the great people we have come into contact with since doing Hook Up. Everyone is so kind and helpful. We have a web page harveyjoneshookup.wordpress.com. We would love people to join us on our adventure.

It sounds like you’ve really tried to make this a reading experience that’s different from most erotic novels. Thank you for sharing!

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