Inish Carraig by Jo Zebedee

Inish Carraig by Jo Zebedee

Science fiction is my favorite genre, so I’m excited to have Jo Zebedee here to tell us about her science fiction book, Inish Carraig.

Jo, tell us what Inish Carraig is about. What sets it apart from other sci-fi books?

Inish Carraig is a sci-fi with a hint of thriller. The main character is John, a teenager from Belfast, ably supported by Henry, a policeman who becomes embroiled in his life.

Set after an alien invasion, John is set up for an accusation of xenocide, and sent to Inish Carraig, a futuristic prison. There, he finds out who set him up and why – and realises Earth, and all he loves, is in danger. He has to unveil the conspiracy – he just has to get out of prison, first.

What makes it special is partly it’s setting – a changed Belfast after the invasion – and that it’s told on the micro level. It’s very much a story about the people and not the grand setting.

Did you have the book planned out before you wrote it? Did anything unexpected happen while writing it?

I never plan. I’d love to be able to, but it just doesn’t work for me.

I didn’t expect the human antagonist to turn out the way he was – he’s much creepier than anticipated. As ever, I found out I write dark stuff more than I mean to.

Did you find anything challenging about writing your book?

Using Belfast as a setting was challenging. I know the city well, but obviously there is a difficult history, as well as sensitivities. I really wanted not to write about the Troubles, but reflect the Belfast I know – hard, but with humour and kind people – but, of course, history shaped the city. So, that balancing act is always difficult.

Do you have a specific writing style or process that you prefer?

I write very, very close third – in the character’s minds and thoughts. This makes wider world building tricky – the reader knows what my character knows and nothing more – but gives a nice immediacy,

Who designed your cover? It’s very eye-catching and dramatic.

As well as Inish Carraig, I am trad published for my Inheritance Trilogy, and my publisher for that (Tickety Boo Press) kindly offered to help me with the cover.

They took the brief I gave – of the iconic cranes over Belfast combined with a post-invasion landscape – and brought it about more than I ever hoped for.

Are you working on anything else?

Always! I have book two of my trilogy, Sunset Over Abendau, coming out in March 2016, and then book three to work on. As well as that, I have another standalone planned for 2016, this one a fantasy, again based in Nothern Ireland.

I also have a number of shorts commisioned to write, and am working on a new YA sci fi novel.

What book are you reading now?

I’m reading Mother Of Eden by Chris Beckett and enjoying it very much. I like his use of character voice and his building of a society.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with my readers?

I have a blog on, with lots of guest blogs and an upcoming blog hop.

Wow, Jo, it sounds like Inish Carraig is quite intense! I’m sure anyone who likes sci-fi will love it. Thank you for stopping by!

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