The Bowes Inheritance by Pam LeckyThe Bowes Inheritance by Pam Lecky

The Bowes Inheritance by Pam Lecky

If you’re a fan of period pieces, you’ll want to stick around for this interview. Pam Lecky is here today to tell us about her Historical Romance/Mystery novel, The Bowes Inheritance.

Hi Pam! Tell us what The Bowes Inheritance is about.

The main character is a young Irishwoman, Louisa Campbell, who is living in genteel poverty in Dublin when she discovers she has inherited an estate in England from an unknown uncle. The book explores the difficult relationship between the Irish Ascendancy and their British counterparts against the backdrop of the Fenian bombing campaign in England at the time (1880s). Louisa is thrust into a society predisposed to view her with suspicion and she must fight to keep her property and her status in society. She does find love along the way but only after major fireworks.

It sounds like there was a lot of research required for this story. Did you have the whole book planned out before you wrote it? Did anything unexpected happen while writing it?

I had an outline and as I researched the locations, social and political history of the time, my sub-plots developed and new characters came alive.

I discovered that it isn’t always easy to stop researching and keep writing – I love both equally.

Did you find anything challenging about writing your book?

No – I loved the research (probably too much at times) and had to cut out a lot of detail to keep the story moving at the right pace. My editor kept me on the straight and narrow!

I found the entire experience exhilarating and can’t wait to get started on my next book!

It seems you have a good handle on pacing. Do you have a specific writing style or process that you prefer?

I think I am still exploring this – it will probably be more obvious as book two takes shape. I hope that I inject some humour into my stories and I always try to have different layers – my stories will never be simple love stories. In fact, I may shift the emphasis more towards (historical) crime/mystery in the future with the romance as the subplot!

As I am a working mum I have to write when I have time which isn’t always the most productive time.

Who designed your cover?

DIY – used iStock image and Canva for ebook and same image imported to CreateSpace for the POD. I have had great feedback on it – most people really like it.

Are you working on anything else?

Book two about to start – it won’t be a sequel and will probably be set entirely in Ireland.

What book are you reading now?

Just finished re-reading The Mayor of Casterbridge (I’m a bit of a fan of Thomas Hardy) and just started Orphan Moon by American author T.K. Lukas, which I will be reviewing for her.

Fantastic! Thank you for stopping by today and sharing! I look forward to seeing what you have in store for book 2.

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