bloggingThis is a Beyond the Books writing prompt.

I think I’ve started blogging 5 or 6 times throughout my life. I truly started back when LiveJournal was a big thing. What was that? 2000? 2001? Then, I discovered and stayed there for a little while. After I saw all the cool plug-ins for WordPress self-hosted and realized how creative I could be with it, I finally set up my own standalone blog, but I never had a real focus. It was always just my own ramblings.

As much as I loved expressing myself through blogging, my enthusiasm always petered out. I just felt like no one really cared to read what I wrote. Then, all my tinkering and playing with blogs paid off. I got into blogging for other people and realized I was much better at doing that. Probably, because there was more of a focus.

Nowadays, I primarily maintain a real estate blog, as well as my personal blog (this one). I write about 325 posts a year for my real estate job, which has two satellite blogs in addition to the main one. Topics include local communities, real estate news, houses for sale, home maintenance tips, popular home decor, DIY,etc. I enjoy it, because I’ve been able to see how it’s improved the traffic of the real estate website and in turn business, and there’s satisfaction in that, especially when someone starts out with, “I was reading your blog post on ______ and…”

The downside is that I’m often burnt-out after working on the real estate blog, so I don’t post to my own blog nearly enough. I’m hoping to change that. So, keep coming back to read!