I Love CoffeeThis is a Beyond the Books writing prompt.

Addiction is a deep blue vein in my father’s arm of the family. I realized this when I saw the ugly effect it could have on a person and the people around them. So, I vowed at one point to never let addiction take over my life.

The thing about addictive personalities is that the obsessiveness that coincides with it does not necessarily stop with the alcohol, drugs, or anything else considered a stereotypical addiction. It can overflow into other areas of life, like food and relationships. I recognize that I do have an addictive personality, so I’ve always tried to let it seep into anything I consider the lesser of evils. When I notice myself getting fixated onto something that may hurt me or someone else, I try to redirect it. For example, fast food is easy to get addicted to. So, I’ve worked hard to rewire myself to want other types of food, like fresh strawberries and chocolate. Perfect? No. But I’m not eating fast food 3 times a week.

I’m also addicted to coffee. I used to just like coffee, but then it became my crutch when I gave up soda. Now, it’s like my baby blanket. Again, perfect? No. But it’s better. On a side note, I’ve had to give it up since getting pregnant and I really, really miss it, but I haven’t gone back to soda.

What else am I addicted to? Showers. This one drives Mr. Awesome nuts, but I need a shower everyday. It gets my blood flowing and makes me feel better. If I don’t shower, I’m cold most of the day and I feel yucky.

Also, chapstick and lotion. I hate dry skin and lips. It drives me nuts. So, I always need something to alleviate it.

Finally, my daughter. Wanting to see her just goes with being a mom, but sometimes I see other mothers scrambling to pawn off their little ones on babysitters after being at work all day and I realize that’s totally not me. I need to have a certain amount of time with her everyday. If I don’t, my mood plummets. So, she’s my final addiction.

What are you addicted to?