Sir Ken Robinson said “If you ask middle-aged and older people if they are doing exactly what they had in mind when they were in high school, very few say they are. The lives we create a the result of all sorts of currents and crosscurrents, most of which we cant anticipate in advance.”

RiverWhen I was in high school, my goal was to have my first book written and published by the age of 25, and be married with my first kid before my 30’s. 0f course, I knew you couldn’t get rich right away by being an author. So, I was planning on going to college for film or computer science.

I was all set to go to college for film in northern Michigan. At the last minute I a bad feeling and chose to change schools and majors. I went to college to study computer science in hopes of creating video games, but as I got further into my programming courses, it became apparent that my Kryptonite, math, would be my downfall.

I was considering another major that would lead to a career that would fund my writing career when my life was hit by one of these “crosscurrents”. I came down with a severe case of Epstein-Barr. One of the side-effects is chronic fatigue. It made it impossible to go to class and I had to leave school.

I moved back home and eventually began taking courses via the University of Maryland and received a degree in English. The strange mishmash of tech and writing classes, as well as my experimentation in social media, led to a career in blogging and marketing; however, by the time I got through college, I was years beyond my age 25 goal. I didn’t finish my first book until I was 30 years old.

I also didn’t have my first child before I was 30. Matter of fact, my daughter was born the same day the proof of my first book was printed. I intended for my second book to come out the next year, but a child is one of the biggest currents you can face. They take more time and attention than you ever expect, especially at bedtime.

Even though my life took a wide turn from what I had planned, all of the “currents” and “crosscurrents” I’ve experienced have led me to good people and experiences that I never expected or would have had otherwise.

What “currents” and “crosscurrents” have you experienced?