Recently, I was lucky enough to catch a really good deal on a set of 2 remote controlled fairy string lights through Snagshout. They’re multicolored, waterproof, and battery operated, and have 8 light modes. For the sake of transparency, when I received these lights, 1 did not work with its remote. It worked via the button on the unit, but did not respond to any button pushing on the remote. However, when I contacted YiHong Life, they happily sent me a coupon for a new set.

I usually go all out when decorating the outside of my house for Christmas; however, I don’t have any exterior outlets. So, I have to run power cords out of my garage and that limits how much I can put out. One of my decorations is a homemade lit wreath, but it requires an electrical plug. I saw these fairy string lights as the perfect opportunity to replace that wreath.

Remote Controlled Christmas Wreath

Remote Controlled Christmas Wreath

Here are the materials I used to make the wreath (those not pictured I had on hand already):

1 24” Wreath

Assorted Mini Ornaments

2 Mini Garlands (3ft-5ft)

1 Wood “Merry Christmas” Cutout

Red Acrylic Paint (not pictured – I used Liquitex)

Foam Brushes (not pictured)

Hot Glue Gun (not pictured)

Supplies for Making Remote Controlled Christmas Wreath

Supplies for Making Remote Controlled Christmas Wreath

And, of course, 1 set of fairy string lights:

Remote Controlled Fairy String Lights

Remote Controlled Fairy String Lights

The great part of this craft project is that you can choose to decorate with whatever theme fits your existing Christmas decorations. I have a lot of gingerbread and candy themed pieces, so that’s what I went with.

I started out painting the wood cutout of “Merry Christmas” with a foam brush. I had some red Liquitex acrylic paint already and it took two coats to cover the wood grain. I started at the beginning of nap time and it was dry by the end.

Then, I wove the fairy string lights around and in/out of the wreath. The wires were bendable and easy to secure without any outside help. I secured the box on the back of the wreath with some hot glue, making sure to leave the lid free to open in order to replace the batteries.

My 3 year-old helped me choose the placement of the garland and ornaments, making sure to leave room for the wood cutout at the bottom. After I laid it all out, I went piece-to-piece gluing each one to the branches. I carefully squeezed the glue onto the back of each ornament and every point out of plain sight where the garland touched the branches, so the glue is barely noticeable.

Finally, I glued on the wood “Merry Christmas” cutout on the bottom and hung the wreath on my front door with an over-the-door hook. Thanks to the remote, I can turn the wreath on from my living room couch!

Remote Control for Christmas Wreath

Remote Control for Christmas Wreath

See it in action:

A video of our wreath in action. #Mriley #wreath #christmascrafts #christmas #crafts

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