My family is big into card games and board games. One of our most recent purchases was Bears Vs. Babies. This monster-building card game is from the creators of wildly-popular Exploding Kittens, and yes, the slight inappropriateness continues in their new creation.

There are two types of cards in this game – babies and monster parts. To play, you must build a monster, starting with the head (Bear heads are the strongest). The more body parts and weapons the monster has, the more points they’re worth. Throughout the game, baby cards surface. They, like the monsters, are either land, sea, or sky creatures. Their armies slowly build up and when invoked, anyone with a corresponding monster must fight them. Whoever has the strongest monster that survives the battle is the winner of that battle. After all of the cards are gone, each player has one last turn and a big battle ensues. Whoever has the most points from eating babies wins. Sometimes, this requires you to be a bit of a jerk to your friends…like invoking a baby attack when they’re clearly unable to defend themselves.

To make you feel better about eating babies, these aren’t the cute cuddly kind. These are clearly mutant babies that you are saving the world by eating. It’s also incredibly fun building new monsters as each card has a humorous label.

Bears Vs. Babies

Bears Vs. Babies Monster

This base game is for ages 10+, but the Not Safe for Work (NSFW) Expansion Pack is definitely not. The game takes about 20 minutes to play (longer when first playing) and requires 2-5 players. That’s one reason why Mr. Awesome and I like it. Our girls aren’t quite old enough to play it, so after they go to bed, we can play a few rounds. Some games that have a 2 player option aren’t that fun, but this one is. Not as fun as a 4 person game, but still enjoyable.

I recommend Bear Vs. Babies for anyone with a slightly twisted sense of humor who loves a battle style card game that has a wide range of possible scenarios…or anyone who thinks a furry box for a card game is awesome.