Review: Too Hot to Hug by Steve Smallman – Children’s Picture BookToo Hot To Hug! by Steve Smallman, Cee Biscoe
Published by Sterling Publishing on January 1st 2012
Genres: Children's Books
Pages: 24
Format: Picture Books
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When Ryan finds a golden egg, he takes it home to show Mom and Dad. Then suddenly, Tap! Tap! CRACK! out hatches a baby fire dragon!
From then on, Crumpet the dragon is Ryan's best friend. But soon Crumpet starts to grow. And as he grows he gets... HOTTER!

Oftentimes, when a chain bookstore puts a book in the bargain section, it’s a book that didn’t sell as well as anticipated when it was originally stocked on their bookshelves, so they have surplus copies that they need to move. I don’t know about you, but when I browse the bargain books in the children’s section, I expect to find copycats (generic fairytales and branded books that are basically all the same but with a different character substituted), activity books, and general nonfiction books. So, last time I shopped the bargain books, I was surprised to find one that I would fall in love with. That book is Steve Smallman’s Too Hot to Hug.

Ryan Picks Up the Egg – Too Hot to Hug by Steve Smallman

In Too Hot to Hug, a boy named Ryan discovers a warm golden egg in a cave while hiking through snow to collect supplies for his family. Life has been hard for Ryan’s family and they’re struggling, so he takes the egg home thinking it could keep his family warm. At first, his family is excited to see what he’s brought, but then it starts to hatch and they become concerned. But it’s okay once they learn the baby dragon that hatches is great for hugging, toasting bread, drying clothes, and many other great things that require heat.

Ryan Takes the Egg Home – Too Hot to Hug by Steve Smallman

As time passes, the dragon grows and so does his temperature. He becomes too hot to hug. This makes the dragon and Ryan sad. When all he does is burn things, Ryan’s parents declare the dragon must go. Oh, no!

[Spoiler] On the way to returning the dragon, Ryan discovers that taking a bath or cold water is the solution to cooling down his best friend who originally hated water. Now, the dragon can stay (and Ryan finally gets to take warm baths). [/end Spoiler]

This cute book is filled with colorful pages that my 4 year-old and 1 year-old love to look at. It also teaches them that there’s a solution to every problem. They just need to try a different path. I recommend picking up a copy for your own favorite little person.

Book Review - Too Hot to Hug Children's Picture Book