About Meghan

Hey, you found my page! Sweet! I’m Meghan Riley and I’m an author of Young Adult novels. I love to write science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal, especially stories that maintain a thick line of realism that makes you think, “Whoa. That could happen!”

Meghan Riley Author

Meghan Riley Author

I’m currently working on the Starseed Series (science fiction). To learn more about that, head on over to the series page. The first in the series, Anna, is in the process of being published. I chose to independently publish, for a number of reasons, and funded it through Kickstarter. I’ll be posting updates about that throughout the whole process.

As for those little details that you probably don’t care too much about, unless you share some sort of connection, I graduated from the University of Maryland with a B.A. in English. I live in the lovely coastal town of Wilmington, NC, a.k.a. Wilmywood, because a bunch of movies and television shows have been filmed in the area (Iron Man 3, CW’s One Tree Hill, NBC’s Revolution, Stephen King’s Under the Dome, Nicholas Spark’s Safe Haven and A Walk to Remember – to name a few). I love living here!

My significant other, Mr. Awesome, and my mother live with me. We have one opinionated cat, a quirky dog, and a baby girl.

If you have any questions or comments, I welcome you to send me a message on here or any of my social media accounts (linked above).

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